Contacting Dr Richard Wild

For more information or advice concerning heavy snowfalls or blizzards or if you have any interesting snow articles/questions/pictures/information of your own, or the website fails to answer a particular question you would like answering about snow, please contact me or send the information to:

Dr Richard J. Wild
WeatherNet Ltd
Suite 2
65 Seamoor Road
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 1202 293867 (General enquiries about snow)
Telephone: 0906 1100445 (Press enquiries about snow) (UK only))*

* All calls are charged direct to your telephone bill at £1.50 per minute.


Snow forecast for the period 19-25 December 2022 across the UK

19th - N and C Scotland

20th - N Ireland, Scotland and NW England

21st - Wales, N Midlands, N England, N Ireland and Scotland

22nd - N Scotland, N Ireland, N England, Wales, Midlands, and East Anglia

23th - N and C Scotland

Christmas Eve - N and C Scotland, N Wales and the Pennines

Christmas Day - Scotland and N Ireland